The subject for all our seminars this year is:


The Way of The Easy

Or, how to “cross the great water” through deprogramming ego-thinking



“The Easy” is one of the meanings of the Chinese ideogram “I” in “I Ching.” It can be said that the I Ching is “The Classic Text about the Easy Way by which the Cosmos does things.” Or, put in other words, the I Ching reveals the way the Cosmos functions without creating resistance among its multitudinous aspects. The book helps us understand the path of no resistance by showing us the Principles of Harmony that make up the Cosmos.


One of the main metaphors repeatedly used in the I Ching is that of “the great water.” It basically has two meanings:


 (1) In its first meaning “the great water” stands for the self-doubt, guilt, and our biggest fears that are the result of our childhood conditioning. When we are counseled by the I Ching that ‘it further one to cross the great water’, we are not meant to “jump off the cliff into the deep”; rather, the words “it furthers” refer to the need to ask the Sage to temporarily suspend those terrorizing ego-emotions, in order to allow us to make progress in our search for the cause of the problem we want to resolve. Without the Sage’s help we would become engulfed by the fear of becoming guilty for making an inner journey in the company of the Sage, rather than relying on the mind, alone. This is one example for how the way of returning a situation to harmony is made easy for us. 


(2) This brings us to the second meaning of “the great water” as a metaphor for the imagined impossibility of resolving the problems we bring to the I Ching. We realize that it reflects the difficulties we face whenever we are not aware of the many ways the Sage helps us recognize the untruths that are at the root of our mental, emotional, and physical problems. 


As long as we seek to resolve a problem by applying the same faulty thinking that has caused it to begin with, we run into difficulties, and the best we can achieve is a mechanical solution that ultimately has to fail. By contrast, the solutions endure when we meet a problem by way of The Easy, because we free ourselves from the faulty thinking that caused it. 


The process of freeing ourselves from the root causes of problems is another example for the way of The Easy: After being helped to identify the untruths that are at their roots, we deprogram them with Cosmic help. 


Every hexagram in the I Ching shows us both the kind of thinking that causes problems, and the inner actions we need to take to solve them; simultaneously, we return to harmony with our true nature. Returning to our true nature is synonymous with freeing all the possessions that make up our wholeness. The fact that the freeing process takes place on the inner plane, where the invisible Helpers accomplish things through transformations explains yet another meaning of The Easy: transformations do not create resistance. 


There is one Cosmic Principle of Harmony that is emphasized in two places in the I Ching. It reads, “No relationship with the ego.” The ego, we learn, is an element that takes over our conscious mind during our youth; it is the product of the false use of our gift of language. At the root of all ego-thinking is self-doubt. Self-doubt divides our natural wholeness. This division is the “great water” that we need to cross. In the course of the development of the ego, false words, such as “guilt” have been added to our thinking, making it ever more difficult for us to find our way back to our true nature. We realize that we cannot free ourselves from ego-thinking through the kind of thinking that comes from the ego. All ego-thinking creates resistance to thinking in other than its terms; it is that very resistance that keeps us trapped in the ego’s false logic of opposites. The logic of the Cosmic Principles of Harmony does not create opposition; rather, it allows for correcting our mistaken thinking without engaging the ego. 


In this seminar the Sage will show you the Cosmic strategy of The Easy to free yourself from ego-thinking. In the course of the seminar you will be guided in a hands-on manner to resolve an actual problem from which you would like to free yourself. 


Seminar Fee:  $560 for three days. An “early bird discount” of $40 applies as mentioned below under each event.


March 10-12 in Hereford, Arizona

Early-bird discount ends January 16


September 2-4 in Stow, MA 01775

Early-bird discount ends May 31

Limited to 13 participants


September 29 - October 1, in Stow

Early bird discount ends June 3

Limited to 13 participants


The prerequisite for attending any of the above seminars is a basic familiarity with our book “I Ching, the Oracle of the Cosmic Way.”


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