The subject for all our seminars in 2019 is:


The Complete Approach to All Issues

that Truly Matter in Life


The title of our seminar may sound presumptuous, yet it is taken from a line in the I Ching that reads, “Approaching completely. No blame.”  That line is part of Hexagram 19, which has the name “Approaching Jointly.”

   “Approaching completely” refers to approaching all situations with our five inner and outer senses of perception. When all these senses are combined, we know about the inner and outer truth of those situations. While our five outer senses of perception inform us about the way the situation appears on the outside, our five inner senses of perception inform us about its inner truth, where the causes or “seeds” are to be found. Confucius is said to have exclaimed, “To know the seeds, that is divine indeed!” 

   Growing up in a world that has come under the domination of the collective ego, we have learned to approach situations mainly with our outer eyes. Thus we focus mainly on their appearance; on this limited basis we then draw conclusions about their invisible causes. Then, when it comes to explain those invisible causes, we are taught to rely on our outer hearing, i.e., on hearsay, which generally is based on ancient myths that have been assumed to tell us “the truth” about why things are the way they are; or, we accept scientific explanations that are also conclusions drawn predominantly based on external“evidence.”

    The Sage has made us aware that this approach has led to four basic human disorders that can be characterized by the following symptoms:

(1)           Restlessness

(2)           Mental and emotional stress

(3)           False security

(4)           Suffering as a chronic condition 

   These four human disorders are at the basis of all our issues of concern that truly matter.

   In this seminar we will get to know many wonderful abilities of our five inner senses of perception; they will tell us, in their language, the inner truth of those issues of concern: how their causes smell, taste, sound, look like, and feel. When these inner senses find something that is disharmonious, they attract Cosmic Helpers that complement them. Jointly they are able to transform the disharmonious cause! 

   In this seminar we will get to know our inner and outer senses of perception. As Inner Animal Helpers,they possess a specialized knowledge developed during the tens of millions of years they have lived on this planet. Their phenomenal abilities to harmonize us are activated, whenever our mind acknowledges and respects them.         

   Unfortunately, our inner senses of perception have routinely become imprisoned by the slanders we have accepted about our animal nature. Freeing them will be one of the first exercises in this seminar. We, Hanna and Carol, will also share with you, our seminar participants, what we have learned about the role that our five inner senses of perception play in creating our reality, and how they in-form the creative solutions that come from the Cosmic Consciousness to meet our true needs. They literally determine the form in which these solutions ultimately manifest. However, as long as these senses are imprisoned and used by the ego for its purposes, they create a negative reality. 

  In sum, the purpose of this seminar is to help the participants individually

(1)           to free all their inner senses of perception

(2)           to learn how to use them to free themselves from the four basic human disorders, in due time

(3)           to learn how to use them to achieve creative solutions for their true needs

(4)           to approach all harmonious undertakings with their help

(5)           and to understand their role in a harmonious love relationship

   When we realize all these amazing abilities of our five inner senses of perception, we can understand the prediction given at the beginning of Hexagram 19: “Approaching jointly has supreme success.”


Seminar Fee:  US$590 for three days.


August 31 - September 2, in Stow, MA 01775

Limited to 13 participants


September 27-29, in Stow

Limited to 13 participants

October 25 - 27, in Vancouver, Canada

Department of Asian Studies, UBC

Limited to 21 participants


The prerequisite for attending any of the above seminars is a basic familiarity with our book “I Ching, the Oracle of the Cosmic Way.”

If you are interested in attending a seminar and wish to receive a registration form and organizational details, please ­contact us.